Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Academy of Athens

Warning! This post contain nudity. Full frontal male nudity.

Do not deceive by it's looks, this building is not ancient at all. But old still, finished in the 19th century The Academy of Athens is one of the best example of neoclassical architecture.

At the front -I don't know what do they call this part of an old building- there's the twelve Olympian gods. Ah, not twelve again, someone might make this a proof -or excuse- that their sect is the truth.

I forgot who's the old man sitting here. Forgot who's who? Its either Plato, Aristotle or Socrates. Aristotle is Alexander's teacher. Don't know much about the other two.

And here's another old man and there's Tan too.

Aristotle said in 1956's Alexander The Great movie:

"We Greeks are the chosen - the elect. Our culture is the best - our civilization, the best; our men, the best. All others are barbarians! And it is our moral duty to conquer them, enslave them, and if necessary destro
y them!

Wonders are many - but none is more wonderful than Man himself. The Persian way of life has the seed of death, and fear, in it. That of the Greek - of life, and courage.

The gods of the Greeks are made in the image of Men - not men with birds' heads, or bulls with lions' heads, but Men, who can be understood... and felt."

Athena, goddess of wisdom, strategy and heroic deeds. You can see her ready to war with her spear and shield and wearing a helmet and a breastplate depicting the gorgons. Sometimes accompanied by an owl or a snake lying or hiding behind her which happens to be her son or nephew or foster son.

Funny thing about Athena, she was born out of her father's forehead because he was paranoid. He swallowed her pregnant mother for fear that she might become more powerful and popular than him. And you call that a father. Of gods.

Apollo. God of prophecy, music and poetry. He murdered Achilles.

Anarki di Athina XI

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